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Kindle fire hd 7" Screen Protector + USB PC Cable


This auction is for:
1 x Ultra Clear LCD Screen Protector for your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7"
1 x USB PC Cable for your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7"
1 x Stylus for your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7"

Features of Screen Protector:
* 99% Transparency allows for vibrant color displays
* Made of a thermo-plastic polymer (PET) which is very lightweight and impact resistant
* Tough, durable and transparent surface that keeps your iPad display clean & unscratched
* Protects the Kindle LCD screen from dust, scratches and fingerprints
* Ultra smooth surface enhances finger and stylus touch screen recognition
* Perfectly fits and fully covers the Kindles LCD screen; no trimming required
* 99% UV Protection; reduces eye strain caused by the bright LCD screen
* Bubble- free application; attach smoothly with self-adhesive silicone coating
* Leaves no residue on the LCD screen upon removal of the film
* Prevents permanent stains from embedding into the LCD screen
* Condition: Brand New

* 1 x Clear Screen Protector
* Lint-free Cleaning Cloth

Key benefits and benefits of this cable:
- Allows you to back-up all needed data
- Charge the phone via USB
- Allow you to copy taken photo's off the phone

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Screen Protector + USB PC Cable + Stylus NOT crystal case silicon case car charger car kit charger