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DexShell ThermFit NEO Gloves - Large DG324B#L

DexS hell! DexShell Therm Fit NEO Gloves - Keep your hands warm!

This listing is for:
1 x DexShell ThermFit NEO Gloves - Large

Seamless waterproof breathable close fitting gloves. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities where you need to keep your hands dry and warm. The grip dotting on the palm offers superb grip power and control.

The newest version of DexShell seamless waterproof gloves features a terry loop merino wool inner layer, and a new touch screen design on the thumb and forefinger. Keep hands warm and dry while staying connected to your iOS / Adnoid / Smartphone / other mobile device.

DexShell's 100% Waterproof gloves have a unique 3 ply construction to give you the ultimate in comfort and warmth.

3-ply construction:
Outer Shell - a protective layer constructed from abrasion-resistant materials that make the gloves both durable and easy to drip-dry.
Porelle Membrane - a hydrophilic membrane that blocks water droplets getting into the gloves, but escorts water vapour molecules (sweat) out.
Inner layer - constructed from fibres that offer comfort against your skin.

Key Features:
100% Waterproof
Keeps your hands completely warm and dry
Wicks sweat away from your hands
Fits snugly and comfortably
Prevents bacteria-generated odours

Outer Shell Construction
84% nylon
13% elastodiene
2% elastane
1% conductive yarns

Porelle waterproof, breathable membrane

Inner Glove
40% Merino wool
40% anti-pilling acrylic
18% nylon
2% elastane

Great for:
- Bikers, trekkers, hikers, runners, campers, camping, hunters
- Rugby, Soccer, Hockey & other sport spectators
- Boating / Boaties / Boats Yachts

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DexShell ThermFit NEO Gloves - Large DG324B#L